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The Market for Mobile Application Development Services (2010-2015)

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€ 1,890.00
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The Market for Mobile Application Development Services (2010-2015) (Report sample)

Quick Overview

Selling the spades to the app gold diggers or the business behind mobile app development.

Product Description

This report provides a comprehensive view on the mobile application development service market. The targeted audience for the report includes IT service companies, app developers, app publishers, app store providers as well as consultants.

Some of the questions the report answers are:

1. How will the demand for mobile apps grow between now and 2015?
2. What is the average size, daily rate, margin and development period of a mobile app development project in different regions of the world?
3. How big will the market for app development services (app creation, maintenance, migration, marketing and management) become over the next 5 years?
4. What project cost do I have to expect when turning to an outsourcing company?
5. What are the ready-to-use solutions out there to reduce development cost and time to market?
6. Which mobile platforms and APIs do multi-platform solutions provide access to?
7. Who are the main customers for app development services?
8. Which mobile platform will create the biggest demand for app development services between now and 2015?
9. What are the key trends and barriers that will impact the app development market over the next 5 years?

The report especially features 38 industry and 25 multi-platform app development tools that help to reduce development cost and time.

The results of the survey have been validated by almost 400 app developers from all regions of the world.

Table of Contents

1 Preface
2 Executive summary
3 Scope of the report
4 The demand side: Digging for gold
4.1 The new application ecosystem: What initiated the demand for mobile applications
4.2 App stores: The breakthrough in the distribution of mobile applications
4.3 Publishers: Who asks for mobile application services
4.4 Demand for mobile applications: Significant growth over the last three years
5 The supply side: Selling spades to the gold diggers
5.1 Current status of the application developer market
5.2 The application development service offerings
5.3 Dominant platforms and industries
5.4 Importance of third party application development and extension work
5.5 Current application development project financials
5.5.1 Average project size
5.5.2 Daily rates for application development projects
5.5.3 Project margins
5.6 Status of offshore and near-shore application development
6 Solutions for developers and publishers to reduce development costs and time to market
6.1 Need for universal apps
6.2 Industry specific solutions: serving the long tail with white-label applications
6.2.1 White-label application categories
6.2.2 Pricing models
6.2.3 Preferred mobile platforms, vendor backgrounds and target industries of white-label application vendors
6.2.4 Vendor and solution list of genuine white-label applications
6.2.5 Vendor and solution list of marketplace platform applications
6.2.6 Vendor and solution list of tailored white-label applications
6.2.7 Vendor and solution list of self-creation platforms
6.3 Multi-platform development
6.3.1 Classification of multi-platform application development solutions
6.3.2 Comparison of multi-platform development solutions by mobile platform coverage
6.3.3 Comparison of multi-platform development solutions by programming codes
6.3.4 Pricing models
6.3.5 Solution profiles: Five market leaders
6.3.6 Solution profiles: Five innovative solutions
7 Market size (2008-2010)
7.1 Birth of the market: Application development market size (2008-2010)
7.1.1 Application development market by platform (2008-2010)
7.1.2 Application development market by region (2008-2010)
8 Market trends that will shape the application development service market in 2010-2015 . 79
8.1.1 Trends on the demand side
8.1.2 Trends on application development technologies
8.1.3 Trends on the supply side
8.1.4 Trends for application development prices and margins
9 Market outlook (2010-2015)
9.1 Demand for apps and number of third party projects in 2010-2015
9.2 App development project revenue in 2010-2015
9.3 Platform dominance and revenue shares in 2010-2015
10 Appendixes
10.1 Multi-platform solution profiles
10.2 About research2guidance
10.3 List of figures
10.4 List of tables

List of Figures

Figure 1: The application store race
Figure 2: Number of smartphone app stores by provider (2007-2011 Q1)
Figure 3: Share of Fortune 500 companies that had an iOS application in 2009 and in 2011
Figure 4: Number of unique publishers and apps per publisher in major app stores (Q1 2011)
Figure 5: The gold rush: Number of smartphone applications (2007-2011 Q1)
Figure 6: Number of applications per platform (2008/07 - 2011/03)
Figure 7: Number of new applications added to major app stores per quarter (2008 Q3–2011 Q1)
Figure 8: Top5 categories in Android Market and Apple App Store by number of apps (Q1 2011)
Figure 9: Share of iOS applications (paid and free) published on multiple app stores
Figure 10: Share of mobile application development activity in company’s business
Figure 11: Application development service offerings related to the project life cycle
Figure 12: Application developer’s service offerings according to project lifecycle
Figure 13: Regional differences in service provision
Figure 14: Mobile platforms preferences of developers in 2010
Figure 15: Number of mobile platforms companies developed for in 2010
Figure 16: Number of industries application developers make business with
Figure 17: Mobile application project customers by industry
Figure 18: Mobile applications developer customers by region and country
Figure 19: Number of projects developers delivered in 2010
Figure 20: Share of third party application development projects in 2010
Figure 21: Extension services share of business revenue in 2010
Figure 22: Average number of projects per company by region
Figure 23: Most popular application promotion channels amongst developers
Figure 24: Most efficient application promotion channels
Figure 25: Application development project size in 2010 (in thousand US$)
Figure 26: Average project size of an application developer per region in 2010
Figure 27: Daily rate charged for application development per region in 2010
Figure 28: Daily rate charged for application development in main countries
Figure 29: Time needed for an average project per region
Figure 30: Project margins for application development services
Figure 31: Off-shoring business share of today’s application developers
Figure 32: Export of application development services by region
Figure 33: Rationale of application development solutions
Figure 34: Percentage of white-label solutions built for different operating systems
Figure 35: Share of white-label solutions offering multi-platform support
Figure 36: White-label apps target industries
Figure 37: White-label application developers
Figure 38: Multi-platform development solutions pricing structure
Figure 39: Opennes of multi-platform development solutions
Figure 40: Number of total new apps and developed for third parties (2008-2010)
Figure 41: Third party new application development services revenue (in million USD) (2008-2010)
Figure 42: Application download and application development project revenue (2008-2010)
Figure 43: Application development project revenue per platform 2010 (in billion USD)
Figure 44: Third party application development project revenue per region (2010) (in billion USD)
Figure 45: Expected change in prices and margins within next 4-5 years
Figure 46: Total number of apps and third party apps (2010-2015)
Figure 47: Number of total and third party new apps added per year (2008-2015)
Figure 48: Third party application project revenue (2010-2015)
Figure 49: App development project revenue by service type (2010-2015)
Figure 50: Application development project revenue per region (2010-2015)
Figure 51: App development project revenue share per platform (2010 and 2015)

List of Tables

Table 1: Application ecosystem before and after Apple App Store launch
Table 2: White-label application categories overview
Table 3: Genuine white-label applications
Table 4: Marketplace platform applications
Table 5: Tailored white-label applications
Table 6: Application self-creation platforms
Table 7: Overview of application development approaches and solutions
Table 8: Platforms, supported by multi-platform development solutions
Table 9: Code languages used by multi-platform development solutions
Table 10: PhoneGap API support on different platforms
Table 11: Rhodes API support on different platforms
Table 12: OpenPlug API support on different platforms
Table 13: Grapple API support on different platforms
Table 14: Quick Connect API support on different platforms
Table 15: MoSync API support on different platforms
Table 16: AirPlay SDK API support on different platforms
Table 17: LiveCode API support on different platforms
Table 18: Worklight API support on different platforms

Additional Information

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