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Mobile user activity per country and smartphone platformLook inside

Mobile user activity per country and smartphone platform

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Share of users who download apps

Quick Overview

This chart compares user activity in different countries and on different smartphone platforms. It shows share of total mobile subscribers who used a downloaded application in 15 countries and share of smartphone owners who used a downloaded application for all smartphones and 4 major smartphone platforms.

Product Description

Smartphone users use third party apps much more than regular mobile device owners, as well as developed countries show higer activity rates than emerging ones.

This chart shows:
  • Share of total mobile subscribers in 15 countres:
    - Japan
    - US
    - UK
    - Italy
    - Spain
    - Germany
    - France
    - China
    - Canada
    - Mexico
    - Brazil
    - Russia
    - India
    - Turkey
    - South Africa

  • Compares share of smartphone users in general and on 4 major platforms
    - iOS
    - Android OS
    - Windows Mobile
    - BlackBerry OS

  • Compares share of overall mobile subscribers using third party applications with those who own a device running one of major smartphone platforms.

This chart is part of the comprehensive “Smartphone App Market Monitoring" package (call +49 30 609 893 366 for more information).

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