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Smartphone user demographics and habits

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Smartphone user demographics and habits

Quick Overview

This document highlights the current status of smartphone and app usage.

It compares the user demographics (age, gender, income) and user behavior (app downloads, time spent, preferences). It visualizes how differently the major mobile platforms are being used.

Product Description

This is the special interest chapter from the first volume of "Smartphone App Market Monitor", released in February 2011.

This 25 PowerPoint slides package contains the key information about smartphone users gender, age, time spent on apps, number of apps downloaded, platform preferences and many other important facts.

By using, comparing and evaluating different sources, this document provides you with a range of analyses and surveys which have been executed for a specific topic. This should enable any app publisher to get a detailed view on the market and enable informed business decisions.

Table of Contents

Smartphone user demographics and platform preferences
  • Smartphone users by gender and age.
  • Smartphone users by gender and platform.
  • Smartphone users by age and platform.
  • New-buyers device preferences.
  • Smartphone owners’ satisfaction with their OS.

Smartphone application downloads and usage
  • Share of mobile/smartphone subscribers who used downloaded applications.
  • Time spent on apps by gender and age.
  • Average number of application user has downloaded on smartphone 2008-2010.
  • Number of applications downloaded during life of phone.
  • Application performance: comparison of usage loyalty and downloads (per category).
  • Main app discovery methods.

Additional Information

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