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UK Smartphone App Market Overview

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UK smartphone app market

Quick Overview

Get an extensive overview of UK smartphone market with this informative 20-page package.

Product Description

This "UK Smartphone App Market Overview" acts as a comprehensive source of information on the United Kingdom's smartphone app market.

By using, comparing and evaluating different sources, the “UK Smartphone App Market Overview” provides you with a range of analyses and surveys which have been executed for a specific topic. This should enable any app publisher to get a detailed view on the UK market and enable informed business decisions.

All facts are presented in graphs and tables to make a key tool for any app publisher, app developer, app store and platform owner.


Smartphone Market
  • UK population, number of mobile susbcribers, mobile penetration (2007 Q4 – 2010 Q4 quarterly)
  • UK smartphone penetration estimates (6 different sources, year 2008-2010)
  • Number of smartphones in UK, smartphone penetration (2007 Q4 – 2010 Q4 quarterly)
  • UK Smartphone OS shares by ownership and activity
  • Top smartphone manufactuers in UK, Top 10 smart devices in UK (by activity)
  • Smartphone app revenue and user base globally and in UK
  • Overview of UK smartphone market

Smartphone User Demographics
  • UK smartphone users by gender
    UK smartphone users by age (abs. number of devices 2009-2010)
  • UK smartphone and iPhone penetration by age and gender (Jan 2010, Nov 2010)

Smartphone User Habits
  • Share of UK mobile/featurephone/smartphone users who use downloaded applications
  • Average number of apps downloaded and used on smartphone
  • Amount paid for an app by an average user
  • Most popular app categories in UK (Share of active smartphone users, that use an app from a category at least once a day)

Mobile Internet
  • Mobile internet users by age (2010)
  • Share of UK mobile users accessing mobile internet

This research report comes as a PDF. Please contact us if you would like the PPTs of these charts.

Additional Information

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